Masketta Fall are 4 piece pop rock band from Melbourne, Australia.
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Bravo to @faybanger for getting his license!! πŸ‘πŸš—

Bravo to @faybanger for getting his license!! πŸ‘πŸš—

Around 2 years ago we first started writing our song β€œLet There Be Light”

For all of us in the band this song has been one that we’ve cherished and believed in for a long time because of the message it projects.

Everyone (and believe us when we say EVERYONE) has challenges in life, whether it be a relationship that has broken down, work or school pressures, bullying or something that might seem so small, irrelevant and personal.
Challenges are a fact of life.

With these personal challenges, people also deal with overcoming problems differently. Some choose to confide in friends and family to help them through the tough times, while others choose to be silent and deal with things in their own time.

However you face your demons and overcome your hurdles is a personal thing, but overcoming them and remaining positive is something you should never give up on.

Never forget your true friends and those around you who love and support you. Let these people be your light in the dark times and help you find positivity in times of despair. It’s how we deal with life’s challenges that makes us grow as people and ultimately come out stronger.

Let there be light, hope will get you through.

Sometimes the party gets a little outta hand&#8230;

Sometimes the party gets a little outta hand…

@BigRed_MF gets a trim πŸ’‡

@BigRed_MF gets a trim πŸ’‡